How do software houses collect brilliant feedback from clients?

Peter Simic
3 minute read

If you build apps for your clients, here’s an easy way to improve your feedback collection process and immediately reap these benefits:

  • Wow your clients They’ll have a seamless way to send you feedback and report bugs.

  • This takes less than an hour You don’t need to change any of your existing processes or tools.

  • Save thousands in development hours every month With the magic of automation, your app developers will need 50x less time than before to fix reported issues.

When you send your app to testers or clients for a review, how do they send you feedback today?

Do they email you the bugs they noticed? Fill an Excel sheet perhaps? And we really hope they don’t call you trying to explain what’s wrong. Let’s see the drawbacks of all these approaches.

Feedback collected that way is data-poor

Even when a professional tester tests your app, they often forget to attach a video to explain a complex bug better, or to mention which device they’re testing on. After all, we’re only humans. The situation just gets worse when non-testers send feedback — their initial reports are regularly useless and require a lot of additional back-and-forth.

Your developers dislike your client and testers

Since the bug reports coming back to your developers are often not useful or reproducible, they stop seeing reporters as helpful. But it’s not your client’s fault! Everyone is just following the process you’ve put in place.

Bug reports are all over the place

“I sent an email last week to one of your developers, describing the bug. Why didn’t anybody get back to me on that?”

You’re not the only one having stressed-out clients. It easy to overlook a report when they’re arriving from all possible channels at the same time.

You’re wasting thousands of dollars on needless mind-numbing tasks

Is repeatedly asking clients for more context on bugs an efficient usage of your developers’ precious hours? Is searching through Slack and emails structured and productive? Automate all of that so you can spend your valuable time on more profitable tasks.

Your client is wasting their time too

Calling you, worrying about overlooked reports, sending you screenshots of issues, reopening Trello tickets, looking for “that spreadsheet from 3 weeks ago”, writing angry emails. Time to put a stop to it.

A simple process improvement: Add a powerful in-app feedback reporting plugin

To streamline your process, add Shake SDK to your apps while developing them and tell your testers and a client to just shake their app whenever they want to report a bug or send a feedback. Done — all your problems are solved. How?

All the useful data developers need to fix bugs is collected and sent to you out of the box

Whenever your client notices a bug, they just shake their phone, describe it in one sentence using the Shake UI and they’re done.

That same report instantly arrives to you automatically supplemented with all this data:

  • A screen recording showing you 15 seconds before the bug
  • List of granted permissions
  • Console, network, custom and system logs
  • Device and OS version (e.g. iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.1.1)
  • Locale (e.g. en/US)
  • App version (e.g. 0.1.9)

and 43 more data points. You finally have everything to fix that bug right away.

Great relationship between developers, testers and a client

As a result, your developers won’t have to worry about receiving low-quality reports ever again. You will enable your testers and clients to report perfect bugs with 0 mistakes without them even realizing that.

Collaboration in one beautiful place

All the reports, from all apps and all your clients, arrive to your central web Dashboard where you can calmly browse and filter them in a structured manner. Your developers can then enjoy collaboration thereby commenting, prioritizing, and tagging bugs.

Avoid all that back-and-forth and save hundreds of hours

Our research shows that software houses waste an average of 900 man-hours per project on all the back-and-forth figuring out what went wrong and why. Stop figuring things out, immediately know the cause of every reported bug from the Dashboard.

Stop wasting your client’s time too

Your developers can now stop constantly pinging your testers and clients for more context. Shake provides developers with everything they need, automatically.

Cool optional extras

Customize automatically-collected data

Your developers can customize Shake SDK to include any piece of data from your app as part of each report. Automatically collect custom logs, metadata and files to easily solve even the most obscure and difficult bugs.

Forward reports to the tools you already use

Do you already use Jira, Azure or Trello for task management? Perfect! Just turn on bug forwarding and enjoy your new beautiful data-rich reports without ever having to use Shake web dashboard — receive everything directly to the tool you already use. Here’s a full list of integrations.

Whitelabel Shake

Promote your software house’s brand and look cool in front of your client each time they open up the feedback reporting form.


Your software house can follow thousands of other companies and leave constant chaos and stress of unstructured feedback reporting behind.

Just add Shake to all your apps and you’ll fully automate this process which will immediately impress your clients, developers and testers, and will save you thousands in development hours every month.