15 experts every QA engineer should follow on Twitter in 2021

Branimir Hrzenjak
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Looking to make a meaningful connection in the world of quality assurance? We have prepared a curated list of the top 15 QA engineers you should be following on Twitter in 2021.

Passionate about their work and determined to be a positive voice of quality in the IT industry, these individuals are bound to give you more than a few useful tips & insights into various aspects of QA and software testing.

If that’s something you’re interested in, you came to the right place.

QA experts to follow on Twitter in 2021

Anton Angelov


source: Twitter

The founder of Automate the Planet and author of the Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests.

He works as a QA Architect over at Telerik and often blogs about automated testing and ways how to create the perfect system test, among other things.

The articles he writes he shares on his Twitter feed, which is currently followed by over 5000 people.

Tony Bailey


source: Twitter

The CEO of AcessHQ, a quality insurance company, and a passionate believer in the motto that all technology should have a human quality.

He’s also one of the strongest voices in the IT industry when it comes to standing up for software quality.

His Twitter feed is filled with links to articles that offer various leadership insights, as well as ones on QA and testing.

Mark Bishop


source: Twitter

The director of assurance and testing over at Access HQ, determined to help companies deliver quality that people expect from them.

He’s a strong advocate for the company works at, and usually shares company blog posts and other links to various leadership articles on his Twitter feed.

Steve Carlson


source: Twitter

A seasoned QA and software testing expert dedicated to building great quality software.

He regularly tweets and shares articles, personal opinions, and personal insights regarding various aspects of software testing.

Currently employed as a Management consultant at Carlson Consulting.

Kate Falanga


source: Twitter

The director of QA over at Frame.io.

Her Twitter feed contains QA related opinions and topics, along with different articles and updates on different software meetups and testing events.

She’s been recently named one of the most influential young faces in the software testing community and runs her very own blog on Medium.

David Goldstein


source: Twitter

An experienced QA engineer and the creator of @twitbituaries@shabbosstarts, and @countsefira.

He frequently tweets his opinion on various personal and software testing relating issues.

If you want to really get to know him, he also has a personal blog named A Whole Lot of Nothing.

Kyle Hartline


source: Twitter

The game producer for World of Warcraft, and genuinely one of the most relatable (ex) testers out there.

Tweeting under the synonym Zorbix Bug Hunter, his feed is full of witty QA remarks and insights into various topics of life at Blizzard.

Joseph Ours


source: Twitter

The software and QA tester at Centric Consulting, passionate about the craft of testing. His Twitter feed is filled with remarks on software testing and often interacts with other QA colleagues over tweets. He also writes a personal blog, sharing his unique tester perspective.

Debasis Pradhan


source: Twitter

The CEO of CredibleSoft and a self-proclaimed quality assurance preacher.

Being both a product owner and a technology lover, he tweets about various software and leadership topics and provides insight into various software testing articles.

Terry Smith


source: Twitter

The Director of Quality Assurance over at ScreenScape and a QA analyst.

He tweets and infrequently writes about technology topics on his blog Great Big Geek, focusing on a variety of IT and popular culture subjects he’s passionate about.

Lynn McKee


source: Twitter

A QA veteran with over 20 years of experience, and a strong advocate for women in the tech industry.

She lists her primary passions are software quality, testing, and leadership.

Her Twitter feed is filled offers leadership advice, event information, and personal opinion on various QA and testing subjects.

She currently works as Quality Perspectives as a consultant.

Joe Colantonio


source: Twitter

The founder of TestGuild and automation expert, with a unique goal of helping individuals become full stack automation testers.

He runs a podcast and a very successful YouTube channel.

On his Twitter feed you’ll find useful articles about automated tests, commentary on various testing subjects, and details on his many public appearances.

Luke Liu


source: Twitter

A social influencer and senior testing consultant tweeting under TestingWithFun, determined to bring a voice of knowledge and reason to the industry.

In his tweets, he often discusses bad testing habits and searches for answers to various QA related questions and shares valuable personal insight.

Sigurdur Birgisson


source: Twitter

The QA manager over at Avensia, and a passionate tester at heart.

His Twiter feed offers insight into the world of software testing through articles and will keep you up to date with the latest information on different QA conferencing events.

Richard Bradshaw


source: Twitter

Also known as TheFriendlyTester, is a QA legend and CEO of Ministry of Testing

He’s an influencer, teacher, and public figure on a mission to better the testing craft.

On his Twitter feed, you’ll find links to valuable testing resources, discussions relating to trending QA topics, and his personal remarks on various testing and business challenges he’s faced over time.


There you have it, folks. All of these people serve as an inspiration to the QA community and will provide you with a regular source of fresh software testing news and updates.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you think we forgot to mention anyone.